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Graphic Artistry
We are a friendly Gfx community that just wants to have a bit of fun

Rank Site In Out
1 Pimped-Pixels
4774 12391

Good Active Site with Friendly Staff and Members,Comps,our Own Render Gallery,Loads Tutorials and Resources,CHECK US OUT!!!!!!
2 MK-Designz.com Offical WebSite
3806 4519
MK-Designz.com Offical WebSite Media Land. A WEBSITE? Get a WebSite Designed Today By MK Designz ex: TATTOOSHOPS, NIGHTCLUBS, RESTAURANTS, HAIRSALONS, DJ's, ENTERTAINMENT or Any Major Business
3 GFX Skool
3530 24600
Hundreds of tutorials, weekly competitions, design classing, web development - GFX Skool.
4 Open Designs
2831 6318
We are a graphics community but we also are interested in web development, programming, and general foruming.
5 theGFXedge
2420 15477

From photoshop to flash to animation LPs Fractals's and more you can find not only a place to learn but also a home. Come on over and give us a try. We don't believe in harsh CnC.
6 ~Hope Gfx~
2417 9224
The best Balkan GFX Site with many members.Active since 2007.There are Small Art,Large Art, Photography, Competetions.

Unique GFX Site with the Worm.Hope Balkanijada - the biggest Balkan competetion.
7 LongBraid Designs
1802 2063

Bring your emails to life with awesome email stationery. 3000+ designs in over 125 categories. Friends & family will be impressed & compliment you on your emails! We're the oldest & largest site.
8 SoraMedia
1517 4344
Win FREE webhosting for atleast one year by simply registering on our forum!
9 Diverse Elements
1205 4309

GFX Community with resources, weekly gfx contests, gfx sponsorships, and gfx team battles. Come check us out!
10 SoulART
1108 3805

Join our GFX community. We made some different and better stuff on our site. Feel free to register and come aboard!
11 XodE GFX
1066 3064
A forum full of talented designers, artists, developers, and advanced moderators, We've restarted the forum to give everything and a fresh start! Good luck!
12 Lucid Art - The Artist's Resource
1058 4646
Lucid-Art is a site where anyone can go to showcase their art. We're laid back, knowledgable, and ready to help you find all the tools you need to enhance your work.
13 Free Forum Sigs
1006 6903

Make your own graphics with our Glitter Text Maker or Sig Maker. Request custom sigs, avatars, etc...Resources and Tutorials for GFX artists.
14 Displacedfx.com
973 9296

Displaced FX is a new graphics site, set up with a focus on community enjoyment and interaction. Somewhere where everyone whatever their gfx level will feel welcome.
15 SigBake
882 2551
SigBake is a site dedicated to making the amatuers better at graphics and filling requests for SIG's, logo's, banners, headers, userbars, etc. We offer a render gallery with over 7500 files and gro
16 EffectSpot
851 2209
A new community just started up with a smexy custom skin and very friendly members. Loads of custom resource's have been posted, so what you waiting for? register today!
17 www.frozenfx.net
828 1820
The Original Academy - TV-Skool - Top Resources - Render Gallery - Super Competitions - Active friendly Community - Staff Online 24/7
18 Graphic Greed
788 2640
We are a graphics community. We have a cash SOTW prize! We also have a buy sell and trade section.
19 Sig
690 3650
One of the fastest growing graphics sites on the web today dedicated to helping members improve there skills!
20 Velocity Designs
682 3098
A graphics site for all artists. We have competitions, resources, classing, and a design team. Come get critiques on your work, start a graphics team,or chat in the shoutbox.
21 FrozenFX
657 2078
The Original Academy - TV-Skool - Top Resources - Render Gallery - Super Competitions - Active friendly Community - Staff Online 24/7
22 XGraphicsX
600 4554
New and upcoming graphics site and community. Staff positions open. Looking for active members. Come join in and learn everything you need.
23 GFX Streets
591 3604
GFX Streets is the best place for artist like you and me. It's a flame free community where all great GFX artists and talk, show there work, supply you with whatever you need and great tutorials.
24 GFxBB
569 5844
Sharing The Wisdom!
25 Surreal GFX
558 4861
Surreal GFX is a complete graphic community. Featuring: Arcade,Render & Stock Gallery,Competitions,Challenges,Member Teams, much more! Register Today...

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