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Gfx Turf
"The Home Of Awesomeness"
We are a professional gfx design community. Learn Photoshop,Cinema 4D, Illustrator and more!. Improving daily for your enjoyment. Join Now!

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76 Nocturnal Effects
18 0
Nocturnal Effects is a friendly GFX site where we do our best to make you a good GFXer. We give good comments on sigs, have tutorials + resources, and have a shop where you can sell and buy PSDs, cuts, tutorials etc. for points (fake money).
77 Pixel Evolution
18 12
We are a new site, for all kinds of graphic art, and whatever skill level. We run weekly competitions, have great staff, and offer many tutorials, ranging from Beginners, to advanced.
78 VisualCriminals
16 1
A new GFX site and still being updated, join now and be apart of VisualCriminals today!
79 GFXHolics
16 0
Welcome all my GFXHolics members we are glad that you have signed up hope to find everything ok.
80 Kalleb GFX
15 0
We make Banners, Signatures, Forum Ranks.
We will be offering classes very soon.
We are very affordable!
15 1
Resources, tutorials, graphics..
That's the new gfx source.
Join us now don't be late.
82 We Love GFX
15 0
We Love GFX is a place for all gfxlovers who would like to share their arts, tutorials, stock packs and renders - but who also would like to participate in SOTW and LOTM. It's a friendly community, w
83 Blaze GFX
15 0
We are a new gfx site in need of loyal members! to help make our community grow.

Some of the stuff you can do here
1. Huge GFX Forums
2. Arcade
3. Make your own GFX Blogs
4. Flash Chat
5. Do not have photoshop no problem use ours direct on our si
84 Select Graphics
14 119
In this new forum you can show off your work and comment on other people's. We have lots of competitions and a general lounge. Come and join today!
85 CreativePixels
14 0
Creative Pixels is a forum based website where you can discuss anything graphic design related. Come in and show of your latest work and get feedback on it. We also have great member submitted tutorials. Browse through our very large gallery where you can
86 TheGFx (Digitally Re-Mastered)
14 24
A simple cool and organized GFX Site with competitions and looking for GFx Team members!
87 Plasma Graphics Forum
14 0
We are a close community of graphic designers. We already have very active members and we are constantly growing. We have tutorials, competitions and resources. If you're interested, come on over!
88 The League
13 74
A graphics community revolved around clans. These clans create fun rivalrys and enable the community to collaborate on projects. Fun and active community
89 DreamGFX
13 178
DreamGFX. The place Where your dreams Come true.
We are a new graphics community. Offering you chances to meet new people and gain GFX skills.
Tutorials.Resources.SOTW.And More.
90 Hidden Designers
13 0
Hidden Designers provides a vast amount of Tutorials, Constructive Criticism, Help and Resources for your everyday need. Visit our homepage for more information!
91 Red Ice GFX
13 2
Red Ice GFX has now RE-OPENED!!
Come join and have a great time with your fellow gfx addicts!!
92 Global Art
12 102
A new Graphics Site with more to come and Staff needed !
We have a resources Section and Competetions coming soon :)
93 xPlosiveGFX
12 0
Your first steps towards your goal. We have Tutorials ranging from Beginner to pro. We don't beleive in Harsh C&C because it never helps. Just come along and have a fun time.
94 Unreal GFX
12 57
Unreal GFX Is A Complete Graphic Community. We Have Competitions, Resources, Classing, And A Design Team. Come Get Critiques On Your Work, Start A Graphics Team, Or Chat In The Shoutbox, Much More.
95 Talk GFX
12 0
A new graphics community dedicated to discussing various techniques & software. Also a place where members can share their work with others, and receive high quality feedback and critique.
96 Pixel Arts
11 209
----> Your Ultimate Resource For GFX! An awesome GFX forum which provides resources such as PSDs, brushes, renders, stocks, and so much more. We have a ranking and showoff setion. Join the Pixel-Arts community <----
97 Project Collab
11 0
Graphics community based on unity and working together to obtain a common goal. Remember "The only thing that will redeem mankind is teamwork."
98 Photoshop-Community
11 2
Willkommen auf der Seite von Photoshop-Community.rockt.es

Auf dieser Webseite findet ihr - Photoshop, Tutorials, Animation, Wallpaper, Signaturen, Avatare, Banner, Header, Logos, Techniken, Photoshop
99 Designers Creations
10 1
Friendly discussion forum for free graphics design requests, PC tech support and Photoshop tutorials and resources. Contests, Free Stuff and More....
9 2
Elemental GFX We Do Community and Team Sponsorship Designers and Pick-Up Request

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